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Deanne Acres-Lans

Deanne Acres-Lans is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) , has over 12 years of experience in the Canadian immigration industry.

Werner Lans

Werner LANS (RCIC) , has a unique perspective on the Canadian immigration system, having gone through the Canadian immigration process himself.

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Immigration to Canada Explained in this video by Deanne.

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Online Consultation With Deanne Acres-Lans (Up to 60 Minutes)

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Online Consultation With Deanne Acres-Lans (Up to 30 Minutes)

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After-hours Consultation With Deanne Acres-Lans (Up to 60 Minutes)

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Explore Canada by Train!

Explore Canada by Train

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Covering 9,985 million square kilometres, it is second only to Russia. And to complement its impressive size, Canada also has a coastline that stretches for 202,080 km, making it the longest coastline in the world. To get around in such a huge place can be daunting, […]

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aurora borealis

Come And See The Aurora Borealis

Come And See The Aurora Borealis The aurora borealis is the swathes of brightly coloured, luminous light which appear near the magnetic north pole of our planet. They are also called northern lights. We see the same phenomenon at the magnetic south pole, called aurora australis. I am always impressed by beautiful things in nature. […]

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Parks In Canada - featured image

Parks In Canada

Canada’s natural splendor boasts incredible scale and variety and promises some of the world’s most impressive visual experiences. The North American country’s natural beauty hardly needs any introduction. However, if you are travelling here, the best way to make the most of your adventure would be to acquaint yourself with the Parks in Canada. Therefore, […]

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Can I take my firearms to Canada when I immigrate?

You could be an avid hunter, a collector, or simply the owner of a rifle with sentimental value. Would you be allowed to take your firearms to Canada with you when you immigrate, and if so, how many? Firstly, it must be understood that the firearm regulatory law in Canada is stricter than most other […]

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