Enjoy the best fish and chips in Canada on your sunny day out

sunny day out best fish and chips in canada

Montgomery’s Fish and Chips is a must see, or a must taste, for anybody visiting Vancouver. Whether you are a tourist or just a local looking for a sunny day out in the city, this little shop needs to be on your to-do list.

Montgomery’s Fish and Chips are ideally situated in the popular Lonsday Quay Market in North Vancouver. They have been around for as long as many locals can remember. You can find them in far south end of the food court section of the market. There is an indoor seating area, for people who want some peace and quiet in which to enjoy their food. The outdoor seating area is great for people who want to enjoy a sunny day out. It offers a great view of the ocean.

Informally known as the best fish and chips in Canada, this welcomes all lovers of fish and chips.

Derek ‘Montgomery’ Edwardson, together with his family, has been running Montgomery’s Fish and Chips successfully for the past fifteen years. They describe their menu as traditional English style fish and chips, even though they serve their fish with the skin on. Baked at exactly the right temperature, their fish is never too oily, and moist all the way through. Their freshly cut potato chips are always perfectly crispy, squarely earning them their title as the best fish and chips in Canada.

sunny day out best fish and chips in canada

What’s on the menu?

Montgomery’s offers a large variety of items on their menu. Their fish based items range from cod to prawns. As a side you can order some delicious coleslaw or mushy peas. Their specialty, however, is the halibut. Cooked to perfection, their halibut and chips lives up to its title as the best fish and chips in Canada. You won’t easily find halibut in restaurants overseas; so if you are a tourist visiting Vancouver you should definitely enjoy some halibut and chips on your sunny day out.

Montgomery’s lavish portions will make your mouth water, and you might even consider sharing with a friend. Just remember to budget a little extra if you need lots of tartar sauce to enjoy fish and chips. Montgomery’s is slightly notorious for their strict rationing on the sauce.

Montgomery’s Fish and Chips is the ultimate fish and chips experience in Vancouver, and you should definitely remember to stop by on your sunny day out. Just remember to be on the lookout for seagulls while you munch on your fish and chips. They’ve been known to try and take a bite!

sunny day out best fish and chips in canada