Warning – Potentially Unlicensed Company in Cape Town

This week we have received several calls about a company called “Migrate Worldwide” operating out of Cape Town, South Africa.

The company advertises immigration assistance to several countries including Canada.

Based on the information we received we investigated their claim that they work with authorized representatives via BDO Canada Immigration Services. We contacted BDO Canada Immigration Services Canada to confirm this information. Below is the response we received from one of BDO’s actual Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants:

— Forwarded message —
From:  Buksner, Doreen <[email protected]>
Date:  02 October 2015 7:14:53 PM
Subject:  RE: FW: Authorized Representative

We were working with them but are no longer.  If you have paid for immigration services and have started the immigration process, it was not with our office.  Please advise me asap if that is indeed the case, and I will report it to the authorities here in Canada.  Our name will be removed from their website immediately.  

To date the website has not been updated and no new representatives are listed.