Express Entry Profile Review

$195.00 excluding HST

This review is for those who already know that they are eligible to apply for one of the Economic Immigration programs which uses the Express Entry system and want to have their Express Entry profile reviewed before they submit their profile. A written report of any errors a well as any ways in which to improve your score will be provided to you within 72 working hours (counted from the time we have received all requested documents).

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Video Transcript:
My name is Deanne Acres and I am the regulated Canadian immigration consultant for Canada Abroad. This post is to inform you a little bit about our express entry profile review service. An express entry profile review is for anyone who has already created their express entry profile – whether they have submitted it or not – and they would like to have it reviewed. (We can help if they want it reviewed before submitting and also if they have already submitted it and it was found to be ineligible.) We will review the profile and let you know if any of the information is missing, incorrect, or there’s anything that we would suggest you change. This is to ensure that once you receive an invitation to apply you can prove all of the information on your application. It’s also very important to ensure that you’re using the correct N.O.C. code. This is the occupation code that you are going to be assessed against when they’re issuing your comprehensive ranking system score.
If you have submitted your profile, and you think that the score is too low, we can also review the profile and suggest ways to increase your score – or point out areas that are bringing your score down. If you have submitted your application and the profile was found to be ineligible, we can also review it and let you know what has caused the application to be ineligible – whether it’s a missing document, missing information, or simply entering information incorrectly. We will review the profile and provide you with a written report so that you can correct any errors that exist on your profile.