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There’s an Immigration Consultant from Canada Abroad living in Gauteng

Canada Abroad is a Canadian Immigration Consulting Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Please do not confuse us with another company who has almost copied our name and operates out of Canada. We have no relations or affiliation with them.

We have the only Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) physically and permanently based in South Africa on staff. Her name is Deanne Acres and she is a Canadian Citizen currently living in South Africa. Deanne has over nine years of Canadian immigration experience working as both a Border Services Officer for the Canada Border Services Agency in Canada and as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

As an immigrant herself, Deanne is able to relate to our clients on a personal level, as she understands the process, the stress involved and any questions you may have. Deanne is also married to a South African and has had to personally undergo the Canadian immigration process herself for her spouse. She is therefore not only relatable, but also friendly, professional and approachable.

Canada Abroad differs from other companies in South Africa as we have a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant on staff and in our offices. She is on South African time and is always available to meet clients in person, or over video Skype if you are outside of the Gauteng area. Unlike some other companies, we encourage our clients to come in and meet with us face to face to give you piece of mind.

Canada Abroad also operates a bit differently as in that we do not have caseworkers or sales people. All of our clients only deal with Deanne. This guarantees you a personal and professional experience with the RCIC directly. Deanne prefers to build a personal relationship will all of her clients throughout the process to ensure they are receiving the personalized service they deserve.

With us you are a person, not a file number. While we specializing in assisting those immigrating to Canada from South Africa; we can assist anyone, anywhere in the world in achieving their Canadian Dream.

Canada Abroad – Approachable and Professional

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