Canadian Work Permit Scam Warning

If you have been contacted by the following e-mail address – [email protected] – with a job offer from Gordon /McCain Foods and Dairy and Farms Ltd please note that this is not a legitimate offer. They request money from you for a work permit and you never hear from them again.

We contacted Gordon /McCain Foods and Dairy and Farms Ltd directly about this advertisement and they provided the following feedback:

Dear Deanne,

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm this would appear to be a scam, and we would suggest that you use extreme caution in dealing with this individual, or sending any personal information or money to the same.

McCain Foods is in the process of adding a warning to our and websites regarding how prevalent employment scams have become in certain regions.


Julie Grant 


There are many of these scams in existence at the moment. Always do your research on any offer you receive and be weary of anyone requesting money for a job offer. Also, any large company will not be using a gmail, hotmail, or yahoo e-mail address.

Full text of the fraudulent contract below:




Gordon /McCain Foods and Dairy and Farms Ltd

8800 Main Street Florence Ville-Bristol,

New Brunswick, E7L 1B2 Canada.

Tel: 001-252 -370-9594.Fax -0012096825828


Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss______________________________________________________________________________.

Thank you for the dedicating interest you have shown in joining our Company consequently to your application and to resume with us, we are pleased to offer you a career in Gordon/McCain Foods and Dairy Farms LTD Canada.

Kindly accept our heartiest gratitude and a warm welcome to our Gordon/McCain Foods and Dairy Farms LTD.

Job Position Title: Diary Farms Worker.

Reporting to: Head of Department.

Gordon/McCain Foods and Dairy Farms LTD,

8800 Main Street Florence Ville-Bristol,

New Brunswick, E7L 1B2 Canada. Level Grade               13


Basic Salary             $4,592

Conveyance Allowance      700

Allowance-HRA/PKG/FLY     500

Accommodation              1,000

Others                    500

Total                     7,292 USD.

Monthly Salary package for the above named employee, $4,592 USD Net Income earned after tax has been deducted.

Note: If you are staying in the Staff quarters, the accommodation allowance will be deducted from the gross Salary.

LEAVE: 45 days leave with salary for every completed 18 Months of continuous service.

BENEFITS: Economy class return ticket will be provided to the nearest international airport in your Country for every completed 18 Months of continuous service or an amount will be paid in lieu of air ticket at the discretion of the Management.

1. EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT: all employment in Canada is subject to official employment

Contract, which will be supplied to you when you arrive to Canada and to be signed by both

Parties and approved by Canadian Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs. This is designed to

Be additional protection for employees.

2. VALIDITY OF OFFER: This offer will be valid for 1 – 15 years from the date of receipt.

You will be governed by the Company rules and Canada Law in respect of any other matter

Not covered by this appointment letter.

3. VISA/WORK PERMIT: Visa /Work Permit will be processed here by Canadian

Immigration Service Department, in accordance with Canada Labor Law and All approved

Applicants will be responsible for him or her work permit visa processing charge fee and

DHL express delivery charge fee for posting of their work visa travel documents to all their

Various valid postal home or office address.

4. PROHIBITION TO TAKE UP EMPLOYMENT: after joining service with us, you will

Undertake not to seek employment with our competition for a period of one year from date of termination, resignation or completion of your service without the prior approved of the


5. TRANSFERABILTY: you are liable to transfer from one place to another within or outside

Any other country.

6. RESIGNATION/TERMINATION: resignation/termination will be governed by company

Laid down rules, in accordance with Canada Labor Law either side has to give notice for

The required period in case of resignation/termination as specified in the Appointment

Order Salary for the notice will be recovered/paid as specified in the appointment order- if

You are terminated from service of the company for reason of abandonment/absconding,

Misconduct, poor performance, criminal act etc, you shall not be eligible for any notice pay

Or any other benefits which the company normally extends to its employees.

BONUS: totally discretionary and subject to the company’s / Division’s profitability

Performance and rules made in the regard.

Ref 0187540214050/GDF/ME/0917078001,

1. PROBATION: you will undergo three months of probation during this period has the right

To terminate your service without assigning any reason as per Canada Labor Law. You will

Be assessed for confirmation in service on completion of the probationary period.

2. CORPORATE ATTIRE: you shall strictly adhere to the corporate attire, prescribed by the

Management from to time.

3. ENTITLEMANTS: Public Holiday -As announced by the Canada Government, Sick Leave as

Per Canada Labor Law, Gratuity – as per Canada Labor Law, Medical Facilities provides

By the company and in accordance with Canada Labor Law.

4. ATTENDANCE: your hours of attendance shall be regulated to suit duties to you from

Time to time, as per the company policy you will be required to record your attendance as

Per department guidelines at the place of work.

5. ABSENCE & ABANDONMENT OF SERVICE: unauthorized absence without prior

Permission/leave from your place of work shall be deemed as absence from duty, in case

This absence continues for seven consecutive days with no intimation on your where about

to the company, it will be deemed that you have abandoned your service and the relevant

Authorities will be informed that you have absconded as per law. Under such circumstance

You will have no lien and your name is liable to be stuck off rolls of the company.

    Applicant Sign _____________________________________________                                                           

    Date _______________________________________                                                            




Yours faithfully,

Prof. Albert Nicolas,

International Employment Consultant Officer.

Gordon /McCain Foods and Dairy and Farms Ltd

8800 Main Street Florence Ville-Bristol,

New Brunswick, E7L 1B2 Canada..