The 11 Best Towns in Canada That Will Make You Want to Immigrate

best towns in canada

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned – Maya Angelou

You may not be looking to immigrate to Canada, but these pictures of the best and most beautiful towns in Canada will definitely make you think again. [ttshare]For those searching for a place they can call home in a new country, this is great to get a feel for where you may decide to live.[/ttshare]

Here are the best towns in Canada in no particular order.

11. Banff Town, Alberta

If Banff doesn’t impress you with its combination of jaw dropping wild mountain beauty and great boutique shopping perfect for the wildlife traveller taking a break from stalking wildlife, then no town in Canada will. [ttshare]Situated in the Banff National Park, it’s really a destination within a destination. [/ttshare]From hot springs to mountain hikes, there is little the outdoorsman or woman will not like about this place, and hey, you can always disappear back into the wilderness of the national park once you’ve done your shopping. Beware of wolves, elks etc.

10. Bracebride, Ontario

Two hours away from Ontario sits the jewel of Bracebridge, built on the shores of the beautiful Muskoka River. The epicentre of the Muskoka district, this town is blessed with a variety of waterfalls. Just for the nature lover in you, you will love visiting or staying in this wonderful town. If you are in a Christmas spirit for more than just the festive season, Bracebridge will also be up your street with Santa’s Village, a Christmas theme park set up in the town in the 1950’s due to its location; Bracebridge sits halfway between the North Pole and the equator.

9. Fort Nelson, British Columbia

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Situated close to the Alaska Highway, Fort Nelson can provide oodles of entertainment for the wild at heart and nature loving set. Saddle up to view the scenery of the Rocky Mountains on horseback, take a hike, view wildlife like bison or get on a boat to catch a fish or two. Outdoor heaven is why you may want to immigrate to Canada or simply just visit this town.

8. Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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Situated on the picturesque Prince Edward Island, this jewel in Canada’s crown, in Prince County, lures visitors from across the world with its seaside views on Bedeque Bay. Called a “city”, this village provides tranquil surrounds to visitors with its tall trees and houses full of character. Get yourself on the waterfront to experience Summerside’s bright side.

7. Goderich, Ontario

On the eastern shore of Lake Huron sits the town of Goderich, a town which even the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, has called the “prettiest town in Canada”. It’s beautiful beaches, lush parks, heritage and events draw the tourist crowds to Goderich which has won numerous awards as being the most beautiful town in Canada.

6. Labrador City, Newfoundland

Can we get a double woof? Based in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Labrador City(or Lab City) is actually a town. The town got its start in mining(it’s the Iron ore capital of Canada) but has smartened up and offers green pursuits and eco-tourism, even though mining is still the main industry in the town. It’s worth to check out the Basilica of our Lady of Perpetual Help. Jump on a snowmobile and explore this beautiful place under the northern lights.

5. Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec

River views and sunsets worth Instagramming, Riviere-Du-Loup(meaning Wolf’s river in French) straddles the Saint Lawrence River in the province of Quebec. Rich in history and local crafts, Canadians opt to visit this beautiful town in summer. Why not visit and relax in one of the many spa’s in the town or take a look at the beautiful built heritage of Riviere-Du-Loup. Absolutely stunning.

4. Niagara on the lake, Ontario

This town is located where Lake Ontario meets the Niagara River. Heritage tourism is a big draw-card  to the town as well as eco-tourism with activities like boat trips on the Niagara river or visiting a butterfly sanctuary on the itinerary. The calm streets lined with beautiful houses provides ample charm. Why not check out Niagara on the Lake?

3. Whistler, British Columbia

The Gods of skiing may reside on this pristine geographical outcrop as one of the largest ski resorts in the entire North America is situated here. [ttshare]As a venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, you can be assured that everything to do with snow will be on offer here, from tobogganing to ski jumping. [/ttshare]Looming above the town are the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. This place is postcard picture perfect and is just as popular in summer as in winter with adventure seekers and nature lovers enjoying the green hills in the warmer months.

2. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Well, need we say anything on this city… You just need to experience this yourself.
Three waterfalls converge here, namely the American Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls and drop 50m to spectacular effect, surrounded by the town of Niagara Falls. With the best view from the Canadian side of the river, millions of tourists visit this town annually.

1. Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia

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Outdoorsy? Then this is another one to tick off the list of awesome towns to visit in Canada. Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs in Tumbler Ridge, which is located amidst the Rocky Mountains. Many mountain trails dotted with waterfalls await you near Tumbler Ridge. [ttshare]Kinuseo Falls in the Monkman Provincial Park, is the must see for any visitor heading here.[/ttshare] You can also catch a cool music festival or rake in a medal in a half-marathon surrounded by alpine lakes, canyons and mountains.

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