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Why You Should Visit Canada

The sheer scale of Canada’s natural beauty is one of the primary reasons so many people choose to visit yearly. Canada showcases an array of stunning mountains, glaciers, hidden lakes and towering forests. The incredible wilderness truly encapsulates the epitome of the beauty hidden in the natural world. However, this great country offers more, within its culturally diverse and safe cities that promise the allure of art, entertainment and enthralment. Canada truly is a place that allows the mind to roam freely within both, its raw expanse and innovative industry.

Visit Canada – It’s safe

Firstly, it is always essential to be vigilant. You should apply your ability to be keenly aware of possible danger, regardless of the safety ratings promised by statistics. Keeping your guard up does not entail paranoia; it expresses your respect for the big bad world that does exist out there. However, don’t let this intro scare you, Canada is safe, very safe in fact. Canada is so safe that many regard it as sort of safety oasis, compared to its neighbour, The United States. Although general petty theft (usually coincides with people who are too casual) exists, especially in the big cities, violent crime against tourists is a sporadic occurrence. Crime in tourist hotspots is almost non-existent, as these places act like safe houses within the Canadian sphere. The country invests thoroughly into securing its tourism as a safe and enjoyable break-away, which is a crucial reason why you should visit Canada.  

Visit Canada because it  is a culturally diverse country

Diversity is a common factor that lures tourists yearly. Africa is a key example of this fact. Every year, tourists storm to the vast continent’s shores, in search of the diversity found in its natural beauty, wildlife and people. The lure of variety almost acts as the bait tourists crave so dearly. Within this perspective, Canada’s appeal shares a great deal. The country actively promotes diversity within its particular interest to be a feasible option for immigrants. When you visit Canada, you will find one of the most ethnically diverse and unique countries in the world. If you have a keen interest in people, diversity is undoubtedly one of the factors that will motivate you to visit Canada.

All Season Beauty

At the start of this blog, I made sure to mention how beautiful Canada is. For most people, this exists as the sole reason to visit Canada. Moreover, the best part, it’s always beautiful. Canada certainly isn’t a one-hit wonder. The country has a keen appeal in all four seasons, especially winter and summer. While some Canadians opt for the bliss of a warmer climate (such as Cape Town, South Africa), many tourists take the vice versa approach. The great Northern country is known for its world-class ski and snowboarding tracks that are perfect for thrill seekers worldwide. Canadian winters also offer the magic of a white Christmas that so many people desire. With its frozen lakes and beautifully situated hotels, tourists will be spoilt to a cold but magical winter holiday.

However, there is more than winter. In summer, thrill-seekers exchange their snowboards for mountain bikes – of course, when there’s no snow the downhill riders of another sort, come out to play. If bone-crunching rides do not appeal to you, rafting, fishing, hiking, festival going or many more summer activities will undoubtedly do the job. Moral of the story, Canada just has so much to offer.

Because of the sheer size, Canada offers an ever-changing landscape and climate for tourists to choose from. Whether you opt for the moderate west (Vancouver) or the long cold winters of Montreal, you won’t be disappointed.

The Rocky Mountaineer

Nope, this is not a life-threatening journey that scales the Rockies in a nail-biting crunch for survival, worthy to be the next epic blockbuster featuring Russell Crowe (Although, you can find such an adventure). No. The Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian railway touring company. Oh yes, you’re quite right, this is where comfort comes into the picture.

People are different, which extends to tourists, of course (I can hear grunts from all the famous, small-town inhabitants in the background). For this reason, a physically exertive journey might not appeal to you; and that is quite all right.  This is why the more beautiful things in life have its place. The Rocky Mountaineer is most certainly a perk that can be enjoyed by those who enjoy the more delicate things in life. You have the spoil of choosing from four dazzling trips that include:

  • The enchanting Coastal Passage: Within this route, you get to travel from Seattle, to Vancouver and end in the incredible Canadian Rockies.
  • The mysterious Rainforest to Gold Rush tour.
  • This trip indeed is a Canadian delight and takes you from Vancouver to Whistler, Quesnel and ends in the stunning Jasper.
  • Journey Through The Clouds:
  • Sounds like heaven and looks like too. This journey starts in Vancouver and flows through Kamloops, ending in Jasper.
  • First Passage to The West:
  • This beautiful trip starts in Vancouver and heads to Kamloops and Banff with the fantastic Lake Louise featuring in-between.

For more information about this incredible and luxurious prospect, visit The Rocky Mountaineer here.

More than Notable Mentions

It’s clear to see, Canada has so much to offer within a plethora of categories. However, there are so many more aspects worthy of mention. Without further delay, here are a few more reasons why should visit Canada:

Family Friendly Adventure

Are you planning a holiday with the entire family? No worries. Canada is known for being a holiday destination of choice for many tourist families. The country truly encapsulates the slang way of using chilled – pun also intended in a winter context. In all seriousness, Canada has a very relaxed attitude. Furthermore, holiday goers can also benefit from many family inclusive activities.

French Heritage

Canada is an officially bilingual country; French being one of the most prominent of languages – especially in Quebec, and the provinces of Ontario and Maritime. The rich European feeling allows travellers to experience the real sense of diversity. It is almost as though you are on another continent, which is both entertaining and exciting. Canada’s French heritage offers a unique look into culture and cuisine without the need to be proficient in the language.

Party Time

Canadians sure know how to throw a party. Throughout the year, Canada hosts many festivals that vary from music events to incredible light shows. Some of the most notable festivals are:

  • The celebration of Light, Vancouver (this is the largest fireworks competition in the world)
  • Calgary Stampede: Rodeo exhibition and festival held in Calgary in July every year.
  • Edmonton Folk Music Festival – This four-day music festival is held on the second weekend of August in Edmonton, Alberta every year.
  • Toronto International Film Festival: Incredibly event that is one of the largest of its kind, attracting over 480,000 people.
  • Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa: This incredible festival showcases over a million tulips and attracts 650,000+ people every May in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City: Want to experience a winter wonderland? This icy February festival will be perfect for you.


A holiday abroad certainly isn’t cheap, and if you are to spend the cash, it has to be worth it. At the end of a great trip, you should feel that unrelenting desire to return, that urge to revisited the place or the people you fell in love with. A great trip should linger within your dreams for months after. Ultimately, a perfect holiday should make you feel happy and represent fond nostalgia; and that is what this place is; Canada is love, beauty, entertainment, mystery and honestly the home of dreams.

Moreover, that is why you should visit Canada…

How Canada Abroad Can Help

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