Why use an Immigration Consultant?

Choosing to use a representative is not a mandatory requirement of any Canadian immigration application. However, there are many benefits to hiring an authorized representative.

Authorized representatives are trained in Canadian Immigration, attend mandatory yearly courses to keep up to date with the current changes, can act on your behalf with the Canadian government and can complete your application on your behalf , saving you time and energy.

Authorized representatives are trained in completing all types of immigration applications and know all of the mandatory requirements as well as what goes into a successful application.  There are many things that can come up during an application such as custody issues, medical inadmissibility issues and criminal inadmissibility issues which an authorized representative can assist you in overcoming. Authorized representatives also stay on top of all current immigration trends and changes, ensuring that your application is complete and current at the time of submission.

With all of the ongoing changes in Canadian Immigration it is essential to stay on top of the changes on a daily basis as you never know when the government will issues changes in existing programs. A recent example includes changes to the Canadian Experience Class last week. Citizenship and Immigration issued a notice that certain occupations will no longer be eligible and they are now issuing caps on occupations. This has resulted in some applicants no longer being able to file their applications under this category.