When in Quebec City…

Quebec City. The Cultural Capital of Canada! Each year, thousands of tourists travelling to Canada will pass through this hub. The beautiful French-Canadian City of Quebec was founded on the 3rd of July 1608, as a French city, which is why it can feel like a country all on its own. The allure must lie with the culture and linguistic appeal, but you will soon find there is more to the city than meets the eye. Quebec City is more of your cosmopolitan place to visit as opposed to the many outdoor adventures you can have when in Canada.


Since this is such an incredible city, especially for those who are looking for a little culture, there are some things that you simply have to do once you get to Quebec City.  We scoured Instagram to find a few recommendations for those things you have to do and see when in this city!

Whether it is by tucking into some seriously delicious culinary delights or taking the tourist root by stopping off at all of the famous sightseeing attractions, when in Quebec City, these are just a few of the musts.

Le Château Frontenac

Built in 1893, this gorgeous building is a landmark for Quebec City. This historic building looks as though it belongs somewhere in Europe, but considering the history of the city, you can easily see why it is a fantastic representation of the city’s culture.

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Tuck into a meal….any meal

When in Quebec City, you have to try out some of the local restaurants. You will find restaurants and cafes serving all kinds of foods, for all types of budgets. Some of the must-try foods include the traditional meat pie and crepes. Quebecers really love their food, so if you are looking for a great place to eat, don’t be shy about asking around.

Le Festibière

Do you enjoy a cold beer? Every summer, in the Old Port of Quebec City, the Le Festibière Beer Festival takes place. This is a must for those who are passionate about their beer and seeing as it’s a summer festival, this is a wonderful place to cool off! Beer from all around the world is displayed here and in 2017, some 7 exhibitors attended!


Visit Morrin Centre

In a predominantly French city, the Morrin Centre is an English escape. This is the oldest learned Literature and Historical society in Quebec City and it is closely linked to the intellectual development of the country. When in the city, you can take a tour of the centre, see the hundreds of books and learn about how it is still contributing to the nation’s growth.

Leave the city

One thing that Canada is very well known for is its gorgeous green scenery. Once you have had your fill of the city and you are looking to explore the outskirts, you will be spoiled for choice. Just beyond the boundaries of beautiful Quebec City, you will come across forests and lakes, numerous trails to hike and many places to camp.

Ready to explore Quebec City?

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