Visit Family

visit family

For those who want to visit family in Canada for an extended period, you may want to apply for a Super Visa as opposed to a normal Visit Visa.

Super Visas allow you to remain in Canada for up to two years at a time as opposed to the regular six months. You will not be allowed to work or study while on a Super Visa.

In additional to the normal Visit Visa requirements which you must meet, you will also be required to meet the requirements mentioned below.

• You have ties to your home country
• The reason for your visit
• The overall economic and political stability of your home country
• That your child or grandchild has written you a letter of invitation stating they will give you financial support while in Canada
• That you have gone for an approved Canadian medical examination
• That you have valid Canadian medical insurance which is valid for at least one year
• That your child or grandchild meets the financial requirements to invite you to Canada under a Super Visa.

Size of The FamilyMinimum Annual Income Required
For each family member after 7 family members, add the following amount per person$6,723