“I wasn’t sure what to do after my application was denied, but Deanne offered to help and with her services as representative, my application was approved. I would personally recommend Deanne for her professionalism and commitment to her clients.”


“Without Deanne’s help our permanent residency application would have been a nerve wracking experience. It was wonderful to have someone with her experience guide us through the process and ensure that we got all our ducks in a row.”


“We highly recommend Deanne Acres. From our first meeting with her, her expertise was evident and we knew exactly what was expected of us and what the process entailed. Efficient, effective continuous communication made the process easier.”

Van Eck Family

“Deanne was incredibly professional and friendly from day one. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. Deanne was always there for us to answer any question we had, no matter how frivolous. She guided us through the entire process, step by step keeping us informed and in the loop. A year after our first meeting with Deanne, my husband and I are now in Canada. We couldn’t have done it without Deanne, and we highly recommend you take that first step with her. She has changed our lives.”

Veli Family

“I would highly recommend Deanne’s services to anyone considering immigrating to Canada.

She was very knowledgeable and direct about how the process works. She successfully assisted me in receiving my permanent residency status for Canada which is not an easy achievement.

Deanne is also very quick with regards to client response time.

I wish Deanne and the Canada Abroad team all of the very best in future.


Business Development, Financial services, Cape town – Moving to Toronto”

Business Development, Financial services, Cape town – Moving to Toronto

“We used the services of Deanne Acres from Canada Abroad to facilitate our immigration process. I found Deanne and her staff to be very diligent and friendly. They were highly professional and provided in depth information and step-by-step guidance during the entire process. By using the services of Canada abroad we were able to maximise our points and our opportunity in obtaining permanent residency. The entire process from when we met with Deanne to obtaining our permanent residence was just over 12 months and it could have been quicker if we had reacted faster to her suggestions and input. Overall we were very happy with our process and have full confidence in Deanne. We have referred a number of our friends and family to Canada Abroad. Deanne thank you to you and your team for your hard work, trustworthiness and guidance.”

Semiramis du Sautoy

“Trying to apply for a visa for my husband to live and work in Canada proved absolutely impossible as the forms and requirements kept changing, there was an overwhelming amount of ‘admin’ and ‘forms’ that needed to be done – and different websites had conflicting requirements.

After months of trying to do it ourselves we approached Deanne Acres from Canada Abroad for assistance. We were very weary about using an agency as there are so many scam artists out there! Thankfully Deanne is absolutely legitimate- and made the process easy and uncomplicated. She answered our permanent stream of questions professionally and went above and beyond to help us get the correct additional information. She took the mystery out of applying and successfully arranged my husbands Permanent Residency status within 4 months!

We would highly recommend Deanne and Canada Abroad! “

Michelle Falgate

Dear Deanne,
This is a very late reply, sorry. It has been a crazy rollercoaster, but we have arrived safely in Olds, Alberta and live our new house! My kids are playing their hearts out in the public playground and we love the library and all other wonderful things the town has to offer.
We have received many welcome gifts from the community and cannot believe the lengths the went to to help us and make us feel welcome.
Thank you very much for guiding and helping us to be able to live here. This is home. We belong here.
You took care of our whole application and erased the stress and uncertainty that would have went with it if we did it ourselves. Thank you for your professionalism and quick action. Your knowledge is outstanding (it goes without saying). We are recommending you to all our friends who wish to come!!!
Blessings and greetings
The Bouwer Family.

The Bouwer Family

“I would please like to take the time to thank you and your wonderful team for all you have done for Rett and I. When we approached you at the end of 2014, immigrating to Canada was a dream which we never really thought would come true. After sitting down and having a consultation with you, we quickly came to realise that it could become a reality and that it was within our grasps.

Through this whole process, you and your team have been amazing – answering every question we had (whether it be big, small or even if we had asked it before), guiding us through all the necessary documentation, providing us with constant feedback on the process, showing us how to acquire some of the necessary information, supporting us through the job search and tests and mostly always being available for help and support.

We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, dedication, support and commitment to making our dreams a reality. I will be recommending you to everyone who ever asks about us immigrating.”

Tansyn and Rett Ovens

“When our family made the decision to immigrate, the process appeared extremely daunting. Enlisting the services of Deanne at Canada Abroad proved invaluable. She was professional at all times, responded promptly to our telephonic and email queries, kept us updated every step of the way, and provided thorough guidance and assistance through out the process. Her experience in the immigration process was evident, and she graciously went beyond the call of duty to assist when we encountered poor administrative service for critical documents at a third party institution. She maintained a warm and friendly demeanour throughout.

We have already recommended Deeanne and Canada Abroad to our numerous friends who are considering immigration.  We will most definitely continue to do so.  Now settled in our new home in canada, and looking back, we can say that the immigration process went seamlessly, thanks to the assistance of Deeanne and Canada Abroad.

Overmeyer Family

After our holiday in Canada in 2013, we felt in love with Canada and we wanted to emigrate there but we did not know how to go about it. A friend of ours introduced us to Canada Abroad. Our first meeting with Canada Abroad went very well but we could not shake the feeling that this could be a scheme where you are told nice things just to have you empty your wallet but nothing ever materialised. As time went along, we did realised that Canada Abroad was/is the real deal. Deanne dealt with our application personally, she knew exactly what to do and how to handle queries from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). She even took time off from her holiday to handle urgent queries from the CIC with regards to our application. Our application became like her personal issue, she took it at heart and she was very dedicated. We can compare her to a Pitbull who does not let go of its grip, she does not let go until there are positive results. After our application was successful, we were even more impressed, she took time to guide us in the final days prior to our relocation to Canada.

Kolela Family

“My experience with Deanne has been one of exceptional professionalism. She assisted me through every phase of my journey to a new life in Canada. Deanne was always willing to assist with all my questions, and there were many of them. She is extremely approachable and alleviated any fears I may have had. This has made the process of obtaining permanent residency so effortless, especially when there are so many other things you have to consider and finalise when you emigrate. I will recommend Deanne to anyone who wishes to follow the path to emigration.”


“When we made the decision to emigrate to Canada, we started searching for an immigration consultant based in SA. I read through the SACanada forum and that’s where I heard of Deanne. Everyone had good comments to say about Deanne and i’m going to add to that. Deanne was very efficient and professional right from the start before we even signed any agreement with her. It was a pleasure to work with her and she made the application process run very smoothly. Our application has been submitted and the wait has begun. I highly recommend Deanne to anyone needing assistance for Canadian immigration. You will have no regrets.”

Govender Family

“After approaching Canada Abroad to do my spousal permanent residency application I was sceptical as there have been many cases of companies just running off with your money but never got a hint that it could occur with this company and their professional staff. Once I signed up I knew I was in safe hands. From completing the paper work, getting the police clearances issued, to submitting my pack to the Canadian embassy was an effortless and seamless process. Professional service with a high regard to ethics and client integrity.”


“It was shortly after our son was born that we decided that we would like to look for new opportunities abroad and we very quickly decided on Canada as our country. Although my husband was not sure we needed assistance, I convinced him that hiring someone to assist us with the mountains of paper work and with expert knowledge would ease much pressure and allow us to focus on other areas. I contacted various immigration specialists, both abroad in Canada and 2 in SA. The service was not the same all around and some of the quotations astronomical. Then on one of the SA – Canada forums, I read of Deanne and that she came highly recommended and contacted her. From the moment she got back to us, right until when we had our Visa’s and passports back in hand, her work has been fantastic and I will make use of her services for future applications as well. We experienced fast turn arounds, answers to all our questions, no matter how silly or small they might have seemed, visiting of home and work place to try and increase the speed of paper completion and a real genuine approach that is not a given. Once our 110 page file was submitted, Deanne followed up and kept us updated consistently. I would recommend her to anyone considering a move, whether temporary or permanent.”

Adendorff Family