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Misrepresentation – What Is It?

How to avoid Misrepresentation and its consequences. When making an application of any kind to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you are required to answer all questions honestly and truthfully, to give true and correct information and to provide supporting documents that are genuine and also contains true and correct information. In other words – by […]

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Why I want to Immigrate to Canada from South Africa

It’s only natural to want to Immigrate to Canada from South Africa With the current condition of South Africa’s government and the load shedding in progress, I’m convinced that many citizens have entertained the idea of Immigrating to Canada from South Africa. Even though Canada is much larger than South Africa, their population is only […]

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Get to Know Canada Abroad

There’s an Immigration Consultant from Canada Abroad living in Gauteng Canada Abroad is a Canadian Immigration Consulting Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Please do not confuse us with another company who has almost copied our name and operates out of Canada. We have no relations or affiliation with them. We have the only Regulated Canadian […]

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