Saskatchewan Program Closes After 1 Week

Last week Saskatchewan announced they had opened an additional 1,000 spots under the International Skilled Workers – Occupations In-Demand Program. Those 1,000 spots have now been filled and the program has closed once again.

The only remaining open program for international workers for Saskatchewan is the International Skilled Workers – Employment Offer sub category. There are currently 3,849 spots left under this program. The main requirement for this program is that you have the following

  • An offer of permanent, full-time employment in Saskatchewan either in an occupation in the National Occupational Classification(NOC) Matrix level “A”, “B” or “0”, or in a designated trade in Saskatchewan.  To provide proof of this you must have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter.

The other requirements are much the same as the International Skilled Workers – Occupations In-Demand Program in that you require:

  • A minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the Saskatchewan point assessment grid.
  • A minimum language score of  a CLB 4
  • A completed post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship equivalent that is comparable to the Canadian education system of at least one year in length that has resulted in a diploma, a certificate or degree.
  • At least one year of work experience in the past 10 years related to your field of education or training and in a high skilled occupation in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix level “A”, “B” or “0” that is considered to be in-demand in Saskatchewan (see list below)
  • Proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan.

If you are interested in looking for work in Saskatchewan you can start with the

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