Reconsideration Consultation via Skype



This consultation is for those who have submitted an application via the Express Entry system only and believe that IRCC has incorrectly cancelled or refused their application. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will review your refusal letter and the relating supporting documents and application forms to determine if an error was made by IRCC and if a request for a reconsideration can be made. This is NOT for those who need a Judicial Review by the Federal Court. We can only assist with requesting reconsideration of incorrect decisions directly to IRCC.

Once you have made your booking our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will review your documentation and then arrange a Skype meeting with you to discuss whether a request for reconsideration can be made or what your next steps should be.

Video Transcript:
Let’s talk about reconsiderations. Most people don’t know what a reconsideration is, or whether they need one.
If you have applied for permanent residency through the express entry online system – whether you applied as a federal skilled worker, through the federal skilled trades, the Canadian experience class, or a provincial nominee program – if your application was closed as incomplete or has been rejected, you may be entitled to apply for a reconsideration.

The benefits of a reconsideration are that if the officer that reviewed your file has made an error the file would be re-opened and re-assessed. This could mean that your permanent residency would be approved. Or perhaps they may re-open your file, but then side with the original officer’s decision – and your application will still be denied.

The purpose of a reconsideration is to challenge the decision of the officer. If you think an error has been made, then you can question them on it. If, indeed, an error has been made, they will re-open your file, and then proceed to re-evaluate your application.

The point of a skype consultation for reconsideration is to allow us to go through your application (and the documents that you submitted along with this application.) We then look at the reason that the file was closed or rejected, and we determine whether or not you would be eligible for reconsideration and how successful that application might be. There are cases, obviously, were someone’s application has been close or refused and they, the applicant, did make an error – in those situations, unfortunately, the applicant has to start over again. But if your application was closed or refused incorrectly, we can then apply for the reconsideration and hopefully have the application re-opened.