Medicals (South Africa only)



Unsure of where to complete your required medical examination for your Canadian immigration application? Let us do it for you! We will book your appointments for you and any accompanying family members and assist you in determining any additional documents or reports you may need to take with you to your appointment to avoid any follow up appointments. This does NOT include the fees paid to the medical practitioner as those fees are paid on the day of your appointment directly to the medical practitioner.

Video Transcript:
More information about our medical service. Any applicant who needs to undergo a medical examination for a Canadian immigration application; whether it’s a super visa; a study permit; a work permit; or any application that is going through the express entry system, we can assist you in finding the correct doctor (in your area) that can conduct the examination. Keep in mind that not every doctor is actually approved by the Canadian government, so you cannot just go to your local GP to have the medical done – you have to go to a panel physician. We would gladly assist you in making these bookings for your application.