Landing Information Consultation (Permanent Residency Visa Already Issued)

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The landing information consultation is designed specifically for those who have already had their applications for Permanent Residency approved and want to find out more about the next steps relating to landing in Canada, meeting their residency requirements, obtaining Citizenship and any other questions they may have. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Deanne Acres-Lans, will go through your questions with you and provide you with a PDF of the most commonly asked questions with the relevant information.


Video Transcript:
Today we will be telling you about our landing information consultations. What these are is they’re designed specifically for those individuals whose permanent residency has already been approved. (So, you likely would’ve applied through the express entry system.) Your application was approved, and your passport was likely requested, and you were issued with an immigrant visa in your passport and another document which is called a confirmation of permanent residency document.

What we then do in these consultations is we go over the process in advance – we tell you what happens when you need to actually go to Canada; what do you need to have with you when you arrive at the airport; what do you need to register for once you arrive; what do you need to do in order to maintain your permanent residency; how can you apply for citizenship. These and other common questions will be answered in the consultation, as well as any other questions you have about the process going forward. Afterwards we also send you a PDF with what we find to be the most asked questions and other bits of useful information to assist you in settling in Canada.

2 reviews for Landing Information Consultation (Permanent Residency Visa Already Issued)

  1. Shoremekun adekunle wasiu

    This is very good in life changing opportunity thanks

  2. Shoremekun adekunle wasiu

    This is very good life changing opportunity thanks

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