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Education Credential Assessment Account


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Product Description

Not sure how to obtain your Educational Credential Assessment? Let us do it for you! We will create your account with the applicable body and direct you on which documents need to be submitted to them and where to send them. Please note that this fee is only for our services and does not include any third party fees.

Video Transcript:
Our educational credential assessment service. This service is for anyone who is applying through the express entry system and needs an educational credential assessment for their application.

We provide this service for individuals who do not know how to apply for an educational credential assessment, or they just don’t have the time available to do it. If you order the service, we would create the educational credential assessment profile on your behalf and provide you with the details – you would then be able to order your academic transcripts from your university or college. Once those have been sent in, your educational credentials assessment would be processed and sent to you.