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Education Credential Assessment Account with Transcripts

R5,680.00 excluding HST

Not sure how to obtain your Educational Credential Assessment? Let us do it for you! We will create your account with the applicable body and obtain your academic transcripts from your educational institution(s) to be sent to Canada. We will also arrange all of the couriers on your behalf. Please note that the listed fee is for one applicant’s transcripts which exclude all fees charged by third parties and is only our service fee.

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Let’s talk about our educational credential assessments service with academic transcripts.

This is only, at the time, for those who have obtained their education in South Africa; if you did school in South Africa, we can assist with your educational credential assessment and obtain your academic transcripts from the university or college you attended. We create an educational credential assessment profile for you, while also ordering the academic transcripts from your educational institution and arranging that all these documents be couriered to Canada. So, in essence, all of the documentation and logistics in terms of your educational credentials assessment would be handled on your behalf, and you would be issued with the report once it has been issued by the Canadian government.