Order GCMS Notes – (includes Canadian Government fee)

$35.00 excluding HST

Was your application refused? Not entirely sure why based on the letter you received from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada? If you would like to obtain the officer’s full notes or, the GCMS notes, you can make an Access to Information Request. The notes also include all communications to and from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. These requests can only be made by Canadian Citizens. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can make these requests on your behalf. These are of great assistance when assessing the refusal of an application to see how to address the reasons for refusal when re-applying, or when applying for Judicial Review. Processing takes an average of 30 days.

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Video Transcript:
My name is Deanne Acres and I am the regulated Canadian immigration consultant for Canada Abroad. Read this for more information about our access to information and privacy request service.

If you have an application that has been refused or it’s still in process and you want to receive more information about why it’s still being processed, you can make a request to the government to have the notes from the officer (and the online system) issue to you. This would be useful if you have an application that has been refused and you’re attempting to reapply – it would give you full access to the reasons the officer refused your application, and you would then be able to address all of their concerns in a new application.

If your application is still in process and has exceeded processing times and the government is not giving you feedback as to why, ordering these notes can alert you to any additional checks that are being done – if there is any documentation that is causing concern for them. In essence, it would give you an understanding of why the application is still in process.

These information requests can only be made by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, that is why we offer the service for clients who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada and still want to be able to access this information.