Adding a child to existing application

$450.00 excluding HST

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can assist you in ensuring that all of your children obtain their appropriate Canadian status along with the rest of the family. If you have had a child since submitting your application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada then we can assist you ensuring that they are added to your application so that they do not need to be sponsored in the future. This is NOT for those whose visas have already been physically issued into their passports.

Product Description

Have you already submitted your Canadian immigration application and have now had a child who was not included in your initial application? Not sure how to add them to your application? We can assist in adding them to your existing application. This is NOT for those whose visas have already been physically issued into their passports.

Video Transcript:
My name is Deanne Acres, and I am the regulated Canadian immigration consultant for Canada Abroad.

Today I will give you some more information about adding a dependent child to an existing application. We were approached by many individuals (especially since the express entry system was launched) who have submitted their applications for permanent residency and were pregnant at the time of the invitation to apply or when they submitted the application for permanent residency; now the child has been born and they want to add them to the application to ensure that the child also gets the correct visa, so as to become a permanent resident.

Now, depending on at what stage you are in your application, it could be possible to add the dependent child to your application without having to actually go through the full sponsorship process.

If you do have an application that is in process, or you’ve received a passport request, but you have not actually been issued with the visas – and you have a dependent child that needs to be added to the application – we can assist you in this process.

Note that the age of dependency for Canada is twenty-two. Any child under the age of twenty-two would be considered a dependent child.