How to Immigrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur or Farmer

Immigrate to Canada – Entrepreneur or Farmer opportunities

When seeking to immigrate to Canada from South Africa there are various programs available depending on your education, work experience and entrepreneurial history.

Canada divides their immigration programs into Federal programs and Provincial programs.

Federal programs are run by the Canadian Federal Government and allow an individual and their accompanying dependents to live and work anywhere in Canada, with the exception of Quebec as they have their own immigration programs.

Provincial programs are run by each province / territory individually and are tailored to their specific needs. These programs were created to allow the provinces to bring in new immigrants to fit their specific needs.

Immigrate to Canada with the help of Canada Abroad

There are currently over 40 different provincial programs in existence. Many of them require previous work or study experience in a specific province/territory or a job offer from a Canadian employer in a specific province/ employer. There are several programs however, which will allow applicants to apply for Permanent Residency based on their entrepreneurial experience or farming experience.

Each program has its own requirements on the amount of personal net worth that you require, years of experience and amount available to invest in the new business / farm in Canada.

The following is a general list of those programs available for entrepreneurs and farms looking to immigrate to Canada, listed by Province:

Required documentation for being a farmer or entrepreneur when immigrating to Canada

 British Columbia

Several entrepreneurial Programs


Self Employer Farmers Programs


Entrepreneurial Program

Farm Owner/Operator Program

Young Farmers Programs


Business Programs

Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative


Investor Program

Prince Edward Island

Various Entrepreneurial Streams

 New Brunswick

Business Program

 Yukon Territory

Business Program

 Northwest Territories

Entrepreneurial Business Program

Self Employed Business Program


Investor Program

Self-employed Program

Entrepreneur Program

Capital required for farmer & entrepreneurs immigrating to Canada

Depending on the province and program that you are interested in, you will need to show a specific amount of money which you have available to invest in the business in Canada and that you have a specific net worth. You will need to show that all of these funds were obtained through legal means.

Each province also has its own requirements in terms of your required language level, number of years of experience, age, educational level and which type of business / farm you can open.

As there are limits to the amount of applications a Province can accept each year, some programs may currently be on hold, or have reached their intake limit for the year. If you are interested in moving to Canada as an Entrepreneur or Farmer, contact us today to see which program may be most suitable for you and your family.