How can I work or study in Canada?

The top questions we receive every day are “How can I work in Canada?” and “How can I study in Canada?”.

Most people are not sure if they need a work or study permit before applying for jobs or schools or if they need a job offer or school acceptance letter in order to obtain their permit of choice.

Here are the basics:

1) If you wish to work in Canada you require a job offer from a Canadian employer who is also willing to obtain a Labour Market Opinion for you and your position. After this has been successfully completed you can apply for a work permit as long as you meet all of the other applicable requirements set out by the Canadian government. There are certain jobs that do not require a work permit or a Labour Market Opinion, but they are very rare and specific.

2) If you wish to study in Canada you first need to be accepted into a Canadian educational institution. After you have been accepted you can apply for a study permit as long as you can show the Canadian government that you meet all of the other requirements for your study permit. If you are studying for six months or less, you may not require a study permit depending on the program.


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