Conflicting Information, Outrageous Quotes or Large Sums Requested Upfront?

With the May 1st fast opening of the Federal Skilled Worker and Trades Programs approaching many agencies are in full on advertising blitz mode. Many are eager to sign clients immediately and use high pressure techniques or are willing to say anything to get you to sign.

We highly recommend you always get at least two quotes from two different accredited companies, as well as assessments from both. If one company tells you that you absolutely qualify and the other says maybe or no, you need to start asking some questions to make sure you are not being scammed. There are a lot of agencies out there willing to sign on clients who will never end up qualifying as long as they are willing pay up front and sign on the dotted line.

You should always be assessed by a legally recognized individual and never a sales person or case manager. You should be concerned if you are not allowed to speak directly to you regulated representative.

You may sign with an agent before all of your documents are in, but always ensure that your retainer agreement lists your rights and how your funds will be held in a client account and allocated during the process. This should be clearly laid out in a retainer agreement, which you should fully review and understand before signing anything or giving any deposits.

Assessments and Consultations are a good place to start as there is no obligation to sign on afterwards and you can get a feel for the company and their services.

And as always, don’t be afraid to do your research on a company to see if they have any positive or negative reviews.

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