Celebrate a Canadian Halloween this year!

halloween pumpkin

Spice up your Halloween Holiday   Winter is coming… Well, at least in the northern hemisphere it is. The beautiful orange, yellow, red and brown leaves have fallen on the ground and colour is quickly fading from the Canadian countryside. Fortunately the winter season won’t kick off with dull greys! As the leaves are wilting, […]

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Enjoy the best fish and chips in Canada on your sunny day out

sunny day out best fish and chips in canada

Montgomery’s Fish and Chips is a must see, or a must taste, for anybody visiting Vancouver. Whether you are a tourist or just a local looking for a sunny day out in the city, this little shop needs to be on your to-do list. Montgomery’s Fish and Chips are ideally situated in the popular Lonsday […]

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The Most Scenic Drives in Canada

Life Is A Highway When You Are Living In Canada. So take to these open roads! Winding roads, lush forests and snow-capped mountains, Canada has some of the most unbelievable landscapes in the world. Adventuring out when you first immigrate to Canada is a must. As the second biggest country in the world, there is […]

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The Best Ways to Spend your Summer in Canada!

Check out these 7 amazing places to visit and things to do in Canada during the summer months It’s summer in Canada, so we are sharing some of the amazing places you can go and the exciting things you can do during a Canadian summer! Visit Glacier National Park Regardless of the time of year […]

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Essential Steps to Express Entry


When considering if you qualify for Express Entry it is important to ensure the following: 1) You qualify under one of the four immigration programs used by Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Federal Skilled Trades Canadian Experience Class Provincial Nominee 2) You will be able to afford your application and the Canadian government fees 3) […]

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Quick Tips for Express Entry

Ensure you have your language scores and credential assessment (if required for your program) ready when applying Ensure all information you enter into your profile is correct Ensure you can support all information on your application with the required documents Ensure you can access all require documents within a 60 day window Ensure you have […]

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Questions You Should Ask Before Applying For Express Entry

Are you under 35? Your ideal age would be under 35, but you can earn points up until the age of 44 Do you have any higher education? You would ideally have one year of post secondary education or more (more than high school Diploma alone) Are you fluent in English? You would ideally be highly […]

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Your quick guide to the best food in Canada

This is your guide to tasting the flavours of Canada…in a nutshell Eating your way around a country can be one of the more creative and exciting ways to explore. When you immigrate to Canada, trying out the local cuisine can help to make you feel more at home. Food transcends many barriers, and Canadians […]

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Who Can Assist Me in Immigrating to Canada From South Africa?

When looking to immigrate to Canada from South Africa, or any other country for that matter, it is important to do your homework and ensure that you are using someone reputable and that you are obtaining the correct advice and information, otherwise you could be wasting not only your time but also your money. One of […]

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