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The Canadian government recognises the importance of having your family with you in Canada and it is with this in mind that they created the Canadian Family Class

The Canadian Family Class allows you to sponsor certain family members to Canada once you have become a permanet
resident of Canada or if you are a Canadian citizen.

The Canadian Family Class will not allow you to bring your extended family to Canada. This program is limited to immediate family members only. It  will not allow you to bring your extended family to Canada such as cousins or nieces or nephews. This program is limited to certain immediate family members only which includes spouses, dependent children, parents and grandparents. The program does not allow you to sponsor siblings to Canada unless they meet certain criteria. 

In some cases, the Sponsor would have to be able to financially support their family member in order for the application to be approved.

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of the different programs.

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can also assist you in navigating if you may be eligible to sponsor someone, or be sponsored, under the Family Class.

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