Warning – We Do Not Have an Office in Cape Town

Please be advised that Canada Abroad does NOT have an office in Cape Town. Canada Abroad only has an office in Fourways, Johannesburg. It has come to our attention that another company in Cape Town that offers immigration services to Canada is purposely leading individuals to believe that they are our Cape Town branch and are affiliated with Canada Abroad. This is not the case.

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Deanne Acres-Lans is also not affiliated with any other immigration company in South Africa.

If any company other than Canada Abroad is trying to imply or insinuate that they work with us, are affiliated with us or are backed by us OR our Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant in any way, then they are knowingly misleading you.

When dealing with our clients in Cape Town, we conduct our initial consultations via Skype and they are still conducted by Deanne Acres-Lans. Deanne does on occasion travel to Cape Town to conduct face to face consultations, but when those do occur we advertise these sessions on our own site and social media. These bookings all still go through Canada Abroad and are still conducted by Deanne Acres-Lans.

Please also note that Deanne Acres-Lans is still the only Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who is physically and permanently based in South Africa. You can verify this by visiting the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council website here, and type in “South Africa” under Search by Location – Country.

If this has happened to you please call our offices and speak to Nicolene at +27(0)11 011 9022 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]