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Can I take my firearms to Canada when I immigrate?


You could be an avid hunter, a collector, or simply the owner of a rifle with sentimental value. Would you be allowed to take your firearms to Canada with you when you immigrate, and if so, how many?

Firstly, it must be understood that the firearm regulatory law in Canada is stricter than most other countries in the world. For example, in South Africa, there are no magazine capacity restriction laws, while in Canada magazines are limited to 5 rounds for centre-fire, semi-automatic rifles or shotguns and 10 rounds for semi-automatic handguns, (with exemptions for certain magazines). Furthermore, you are prohibited from practicing concealed carrying in Canada (except if you receive a difficult-to-obtain Authorisation to Conceal permit.) Silencers or weapons with bullpup stocks are also prohibited.

The point being, if you ensure you only attempt to take firearms to Canada that are not entirely prohibited from entering Canada, you will be able to take them with you if you pass the required tests and fill in the right forms. The details of how it would work would depend on what weapons you have and what your occupation will be in Canada. Just know that it is definitely possible to legally bring your firearms to Canada. Although we do not specialise in advice about the specific nuances that influence what weapons can be taken to Canada, feel free to do a Skype Consultation or an in-person Consultation with us for advice about the overall process you would follow to immigrate to Canada – and we will then also give you some pointers to assist you with contacting customs about the movement of firearms to Canada.