Are Americans Really Moving to Canada?

Since the outcome of the American election on November 8th, many people have been asking, “are Americans really moving to Canada?” and “how will this effect me and my application?”

The answer is, they’re not moving yet, and it wont effect applications from anywhere else in the world.

Yes, it is true that the Canadian Government’s Immigration website did crash and has continued to be slow due to the increased interest. However, this does not mean that they are actually applying or being accepted. They are just researching.

Many Americans may be interested in moving to Canada, but like the rest of the world, they need to first ensure that they are eligible to either work, study or immigrate like everyone else. Many people have a false perception that American and Canada are one nation. They are not. Canada is a completely separate country and possessing an American passport does not allow you to work, study or live in Canada without the proper authorization. Americans need to apply for the appropriate work permit, study permit or immigrant status like everyone else who wants to move to Canada. Americans may in certain cases, but not all, have an easier time in obtaining a Work Permit due to the North American Free Trade Agreement, but those are not that common as they only apply to certain professional occupations and job offers.

We have seen an increase in the number of Americans enquiring as to whether they are eligible or not, but the large majority to date have not been eligible. Most of them do not have job offers and do not meet the criteria of any of the current immigration programs. Again, it may be the false perception that having an American passport entitles you to work, study or live in Canada. Unfortunately this is not the case. Anyone looking to work, study or immigrate to Canada needs to meet the same criteria and follow the correct application process. Americans are not given preference to any other country in the world and their applications will in no way delay, hinder or effect those applications from applicants from other parts of the world.

Do not be fooled by immigration companies sending out newsletters telling you that you must apply now before the Americans take all of the open spots, or that if you do not pay and apply now you will not have a chance to apply due to the Americans. This is a scare tactic they are using in order to drive sales. The process and odds remain the same for everyone. 

Below is one such example from one company (all grammatical errors are their own):

As you would have seen on the news breaking news from the USA is that Trump has been elected president.

We all know as part of Trump’s campaign is that he is big on getting immigrants out of America which means for immigration that many immigrants in America might see fit to apply for PR now in Canada which boarders America as this might very well be their only option for a better future.

With this news we once again urge you to look at getting started with your application and the CIC has once again contacted us with this latest news which broke from America that if people are looking to immigrate to Canada to get their applications secured and activated in the system.

Canada is wide open as we have discussed and now is the time to start and get your application secured if anything especially given the American presidential results!

You have a wonderful case and Canada is your dream destination and we want nothing more than to see you all there on the way to a bright and success future!

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