The 5 Most Alluring Towns in Canada

When you immigrate to Canada, you will have more than enough time to go on sightseeing adventures.


Currently, the Express Entry Program remains one of the better to go with when you are looking to immigrate. But regardless of which visa program gets you to Canada, you will want to see these places!

With all that gorgeous scenery, along with a rich and vibrant history, there is really no surprise that Canada has more than its share of alluring towns. It is difficult to pick out which towns are more beautiful than others, but if you gave us the choice, these are some our favourites.


The 5 Towns you must visit when you immigrate to Canada


St Andrews by-the-Sea

As a National Historic District, St Andrews by-the-Sea is one of the oldest maritime towns in Canada. The sheer beauty of the scenery and the architecture is something to behold! Guests to the area have so much to see and do, with the history, the culture and the performance arts just some of the attractions of the area.



Quebec City

Quebec City is, for lack of better words, absolutely gorgeous. Quebec is Canada’s “French capital”! It’s the country’s 7th largest city, and it has a history dating back to 1535. Quebec is filled with architectural delights built by the French settlers. It is also the only fortified city in North America, outside of Mexico.

While in the Quebec region, be sure to make a stop at Battlefields Park and Montmorency Falls Park, both of which are not that far outside of the city. Exploring Old Quebec is also a must. Taking you back in time while also offering you a few great places to stop for a cup of coffee.



A beautiful country town in Ontario, Goderich will provide that homely, small town feel while being pretty picturesque. Goderich is well known for having 3 beaches, which are ideal for a day trip, while you can also partake in a heritage walk. Heritage walks are self-guided and will take you past some of the most beautiful historic sights!

While you are in Goderich, be sure to visit the Farmer’s Market and Flea Market. It takes place in the town square from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving, every weekend. At the local market, you will find homemade goods, fresh fruits and vegetables while the flea market has plenty of antiques.




Just as we cannot leave beautiful Quebec off a list like this, Banff is an equally stunning place that needs a mention. Banff, in Alberta, is more of a resort town, and its sights are unbelievably beautiful. The Rocky Mountains make up the skyline with their snowy peaks towering above the town while the town itself is wrapped around Tunnel Mountain. An interesting fact about Banff is that it is the only town in Canada that is within a national park.

In winter, Banff is the place to ski. In summer, hiking trails through the trees will bring you closer to nature. While you are there, you should also visit Moraine Lake. A visit to this lake will be a highlight of your trip to Banff!




Based on the west shore of Canada, Churchill is well known for its famous polar bear population. Nomadic people have lived in the area for thousands of years, and today it is home to a very small population. When visiting Churchill, be sure to keep a look out for the Northern Lights, the polar bear population and when you look out to sea, try to spot the Beluga whales.



Canada offers so much more than stunning towns and exquisite scenery. When you immigrate to Canada, you will be experiencing life through new eyes. Ready to take the leap? Talk to our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant today!