Immigrate to Canada from South Africa.

Have you ever wanted to immigrate to Canada from South Africa?

Canada Abroad is a Canadian regulated immigration service that helps those who are looking to immigrate to Canada from South Africa. Professional services by knowledgeable, experienced staff enables Canada Abroad to give expert services to those who are looking to immigrate to Canada. Only those who are within good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and are active members with a respectable good standing are able to offer expert professional services and advice.

Canada Aboard has the only Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council member permanently living and working in South Africa to assist those who wish to immigrate to Canada. Known as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant the member is qualified to assist directly with the immigrate to Canada from South Africa applications. The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council members are not sales representatives or case workers.

Canada Abroad offers regulated paid Canadian immigration consulting services to clients around the world. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Deanne Acres, (RCIC) is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Our RCIC is currently the only active ICCRC member permanently based in South Africa.

“The ICCRC is the national regulatory authority designated by the Government of Canada to safeguard consumers who seek Canadian immigration advice and representation from immigration consultants. Federal law requires that immigration consultants in Canada or abroad, who provide Canadian immigration services for a fee, must be registered with ICCRC and accredited as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).”

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Canada Abroad offers a variety of services including initial assessments, complete consultations, file reviews and full representation with your Canadian visa/permit application.

Deanne Acres
Deanne AcresManaging Director
Our RCIC, Deanne Acres, is the only Canadian Regulated Immigration Consultant physically located in South Africa. She is a member in good standing with the ICCRC. Contact her today for assistance with your Canadian Immigration Application. Deanne deals with all applications and applicants directly, not a case worker or sales representative.
Immigrate to Canada from South Africa

Immigrate to Canada from South Africa

Canada has earned a fantastic reputation after being voted by the United Nations as the world’s best country to live in. When you are considering immigrating to Canada from South Africa it is good to know that there are not all that many barriers to prevent you from immigrating even less barriers if you are English speaking and skilled. Canada is the world’s second biggest country and it has plenty of natural resources which make it a wealthy country. Did you know that Canada has the seventh biggest oil reserves in the world?
Canada’s education system has a reputation for being one of the best in the world with students in Canada performing better than the students in any other English speaking country. You probably place lots of value on the education of your children so deciding to immigrate to Canada is a fantastic choice. The education system is also a lot cheaper than in most other countries.

Health care in Canada is funded by taxes meaning that the entire medical health care system is funded by the public. Medical treatment is for the most part for free however dental care and medication is not always free. The medical field is advanced and it consists of some of the best medical technology and innovations in the world. Canada attracts many medical specialists who immigrate to Canada permanently so you can be sure that the medical treatment that you get will be only the best. To top off Canada’s healthy standards of living and free access to medical treatment for citizens and permanent residents, Canada has a very low mortality rate.

Canadians and ultimately those who immigrate to Canada will enjoy a greater standard of living. Up to 70% of Canadians own their own homes and an even greater percentage than that own their own cars and electronics such as computers, smartphones and televisions.
If you are a nature enthusiast then immigrating to Canada is definitely the country for you. Nature is a part of every Canadians life and they love to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Hiking, kayaking and even yoga on the lawns outside of the parliament buildings in the summer bring people closer to nature and allow them to enjoy the sun. The Canadian landscape has lots to offer, with stunning mountains, lakes and forests being key features to this beautiful country. There are over 42 national parks and around 2000 provincial parks for citizens to enjoy. Canada also has much less air pollution and water pollution. And because Canada is such a huge country, in some areas it even has little to no light pollution which makes viewing the Northern Lights possible in the north of the country. Some enjoy camping outside and laying under the stars to enjoy the spectacle.

Finally Canadian cultural diversity is rated to be about the best in the world. Canada is a true melting of cultures and those who immigrate to Canada are known to be widely accepted. Those who immigrate to Canada from South Africa are able to continue to practice their cultural customs in peace without fear of being singled out.

Benefits of immigrating to Canada from South Africa

For most of us the thought of Canada is synonymous with images of snow and people dressed up in as much clothing as possible. This is not however a true representation of this beautiful country.
While the winters can be icy and white, Canada is one of those countries that can proudly say that it enjoys all four seasons. With some countries, especially South Africa, the four seasons are not exactly felt. Winter sometimes turns straight into summer, autumn is sometimes completely forgotten as summer seems to turn into winter overnight. This is not the case in Canada which means that citizens can enjoy longer seasons and more outdoor activities. Canadians however have a love for the outdoors with many hours spent outside, especially during the summer days.
Depending on where you chose to live in Canada you will enjoy two very different types of climates. Some areas, especially those areas that are more to the south of the country, will enjoy a temperate climate while the northern part of the country is cold for most of the year and even has ice glaciers. The warmest average temperature is around 28.9 Degrees Celsius while coldest average temperature recorded was minus 30.9 degrees Celsius. But the technology that is now available in Canada to combat the cold temperatures has all but removed the effects of the cold. Each building you will enter in Canada will have a heating system, including your own home, and the cars also have heating systems. Clothing designed to protect the wearer from the cold has also undergone some immense advancements. Winter is only a quarter of the year so the cold can be handled.


As diverse as the people living in Canada, the landscapes are a stunning array of beautiful coast lines, mountains and fields. If you travel up north you will even be able to walk on an ice glacier. The Canadian landscape is enough to get most people outdoors every weekend. The landscape is not only very beautiful but it is also perfect for those who enjoy some physical outdoor activity.
Canada is a country of islands and lakes. Without the numerous lakes Canada would be smaller than the United States of America. Canada has the world’s largest fresh water island in the world, Manitoulin Island. Not only is the island surrounded by fresh water, it also has its own huge amount of freshwater lakes within it. The Great Lakes are a popular attraction and many people visit them every year. The area used to be surrounded by dense forest however urbanisation has meant a reduction in the amount of forest. The forests and the mountains provide a great place to explore and they are favourites among avid hikers.
When immigrating to Canada you will be able to enjoy all of these landscapes while travelling around and getting to know your new home. As an outdoor person you will greatly enjoy everything that the landscape has to offer when you immigrate to Canada from South Africa.

Interesting facts about immigration to Canada from South Africa

When you are immigrating to Canada from South Africa knowing as much as possible about the country is the best way in which to acquaint yourself with your new home and environment. Before you immigrate to Canada, reading, doing research and if possible visiting the country will be your best options of getting to know the country and it will help you to ease yourself into the new scenes and situations. However the only way in which you will ever adapt is when you are living there and experiencing life on the other side of the world.
Here are some quick facts that you should know before you immigrate to Canada from South Africa.
1. The capital city is Ottawa and it has a population of more than 880 000. Situated in the province of Ontario, Ottawa is full of arts and culture, it has some stunning historical buildings and it is home to the seat of parliament.
2. Canada has the world’s longest coastline.
3. Canada has a great life expectancy that currently stands at just over 60 years of age. However the life expectancy changes depending on the year in which you were born. This means that those born in 2009 can expect to live well into their 80’s.
4. The Canadian population stands at 34 million and around 6 million people are immigrants. The largest number of immigrants come from China, the Philippines and India.
5. Canada has 6 different time zones!
6. The name Canada is actually the result of a mistake. When a French explorer first set foot in the country, the locals invited him to their village and their word for village was “Kanata”. He instead heard “Canada” and thus the country was named Canada.
7. Canada has ice hotels which are rebuilt each winter after they melt in summer.
8. Along with its diverse landscape, Canada has its own desert. However the desert is only 15 miles long. Still it is the only desert in the world that has a walkway which allows people to walk over its entire distance.
9. The water supplied for Canadian citizens is often of a better quality than the bottled water found in shops.
10. And a little fun fact, there are large parts of Canada that have less gravity than the rest of the Earth.

Help with immigrating from Canada to South Africa

An immigration consultant, including the immigration consultants from Canada Abroad, are professionals who assist people in immigrating (moving) from one country to the next. They assist people through the legal processes and the paperwork. By doing so they are able to increase the chances of a person being successful in their immigration application. When you are immigrating to Canada from South Africa you should be considering using an accredited and recognised consultant. At Canada Abroad a Canadian Regulated Immigration Consultant can give you great advice while taking you through the application process. The professionals at Canada Abroad have many years of experience and as they work with immigration applications on a daily basis they are highly knowledgeable about what makes an application successful and they know what can cause an application being rejected.

Benefits of using an immigration consultant when immigrating to Canada from South Africa:

1. A consultant knows all of the ins and outs of the variety of different immigration programmes that the Canadian government has available. These programmes are also subject to change and the immigration consultant will be up to date about the different changes. The Canadian immigration consultant will advise you on the best programme for you, the programme that will allow you to immigrate to Canada.
2. The Canadian immigration consultant will understand everything that is related to the immigration process and system. The immigration system can be very complex and the immigration consultant will be equipped with the experience and information that can be used to advise you best through your immigration application.
3. It is understandable that for a number of reasons an immigration application can be refused. In the event of an application refusal you will, depending on the reasons for the refusal, be given the opportunity to appeal the refusal or ask for a review. An immigration consultant will be competent enough to speak on behalf of your case.
4. A correctly filled out application that is filled out with the correct information and is well presented is a guarantee when you work with a Canadian immigration consultant. The power of a correctly filled out application that gives an amazing first impression has a lot of weight in terms of the success of your application.
5. Using the professional skills of a Canadian immigration consultant is sure to save you plenty of time. It can take you lots of time in order to do the correct research to find out which application form you should be using, which programme is suitable and where and how to submit your forms and documentation. A Canadian immigration consultant will either be able to give you all of the relevant information that you need or they will complete the application for you. A consultant will want to get your application completed correctly and sent in quickly as this will improve their reputation.

Canadian immigration is simplified when you choose Canada Abroad to assist you with your immigration process. Immigrating to Canada from South Africa is an exciting new journey and your adventure should not start off with bumps in the road. Let Canada Abroad’s professional immigration consulting services take you swiftly through the application procedures so that your immigration to Canada can be a guaranteed stress free process.

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